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Eyebrow / Forehead Lift

Look as Energetic on the Outside as Your Feel on the Inside with an Eyebrow or Forehead Lift

Time and gravity take their toll on all aspects of our body, and unfortunately, the forehead and eyebrows are no exception. A heavy or sagging brow can lead to a perpetually tired, angry, and aged appearance, which probably does not reflect how you feel or how you want to portray yourself to others. A surgical forehead or eyebrow lift procedure can help achieve a fresh-faced, smooth appearance by eliminating deep wrinkling in your forehead and restore your brow to a more ideal position; restoring your energetic, vigorous, youthful appeal.

Dr. Stephen M. Becker gives his patients in the Alcoa, Tennessee area the opportunity to turn back the clock by elevating their brow position with a forehead lift. While the advent of non-surgical rejuvenation procedures can temporarily minimize some impact of the aging process, a surgical forehead or eyebrow lift, performed by a skilled, experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Becker, is the most powerful, most effective way to achieve truly transformative rejuvenation of the forehead. Dr. Becker’s philosophy is to give all his patients individualized care, listening carefully to their aesthetic needs and goals, and custom-tailoring a plan of care to achieve those goals. If you have become concerned with a drooping eyebrow area, then a forehead/eyebrow lift could be beneficial for you.

What Can An Eyebrow/Forehead Lift Do For You?

The eyebrow area can be safely and effectively raised by lifting the tissue and muscles in the forehead using incisions that are concealed along the hairline or near the temples. Although there is no way to prevent a sagging or low set brow, a forehead lift procedure can improve the following issues:

  • A low set brow position
  • Deep, horizontal wrinkles in the forehead
  • Frown lines between the brows
  • Hooding over eyes

The specific technique used for your brow lift will depend on your unique facial features and cosmetic preferences, as well as the extent of correction required.  Our ultimate goal with a forehead lift is to soften your facial expression and give you a more alert and refreshed appearance, while minimizing the possibility of visible scarring by utilizing extremely small incisions that can be hidden in the hairline.  Recovery from a browlift usually requires between one and three weeks of downtime depending on your specific procedure, anatomy, and ability to heal.  We will ask you to wear a soft wrap around your head for two to four days after your procedure, while keeping your head elevated as much as possible to reduce post-surgical bruising and swelling.  Any non-absorbable sutures used during the procedure will be removed at your one-week follow-up.  Our staff will provide additional details on your recovery, as well as the potential for side effects and potential complications, at your pre-operative consultation.

Contact Dr. Stephen M. Becker

Dr. Stephen M. Becker and his team of professionals conduct a wide range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures with the highest degree of attention to individualized treatment plans and superior patient care. Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stephen M. Becker is a well trained and experienced surgeon with exemplary skills in the delicate art of aesthetic surgery. Whether you’re seeking to repair cosmetic damage from injury, turn back the clock on aging or just be the best version of “you”, a detailed consultation with Dr. Stephen M. Becker in our Alcoa, Tennessee office will guide you towards treatment options that will help you attain your desired aesthetic effects with the least amount of discomfort or downtime.


220 Associates Blvd
Alcoa, Tennessee 37701

(865) 238-6400

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