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Patient Stories and Reviews

“Dr. Becker has completely changed my life forever. I have always wanted a breast augmentation. I was nearly an A-cup, and the hour-glass shape that my body has, I felt so disproportional. I was constantly teased growing up because I had virtually no breasts. Getting older, I felt less like a women. Finally, I decided to take the chance and make an appointment for a consultation. The first time I ever met with Dr. Becker, I knew that I had found my doctor! The most important thing to me was that I wanted my results to look natural. The procedure was stress free and my results were more than I could ever have hoped for. Dr. Becker even called me the day after surgery to see how I was feeling! Now in a D-cup, my breasts look completely natural! I am so blessed to have found such a great doctor that truly cares about his patients and their results.” — Amber P.

“Having battled my weight most of my life, I made great strides at overcoming the struggle in my mid-20s when, through diet and exercise I dropped more than half my body weight – going from 300 lbs. to less than 150 lbs. in 12 months. The dramatic changes in my body were exciting. It was empowering to achieve new levels of fitness and rewarding to enjoy overall health improvement. One thing kept me from complete gratification, though. As the number on the scale decreased, I found myself wishing for a better silhouette. It was clear the extra skin that shrouded my frame couldn’t be reduced or eliminated through any amount of exercise, nor the most restrictive of diets.

As a nurse, I knew there were options for skin removal. I also recognized the inherent risks associated with surgical procedures. Through a number of consultations with different surgeons, including three with Dr. Becker, I came to understand fully the opportunity abdominoplasty afforded me. And through talking with my network of healthcare professionals, I heard firsthand accounts of Dr. Becker’s professionalism, expertise and high rate of client satisfaction.

In March 2013 I underwent surgery to remove approximately 6 lbs. of excess skin from my torso and abdomen. Four years post-surgery I remain thrilled with the results of Dr. Becker’s work. Despite minor fluctuations in my weight over this period, my stomach area has remained toned, flat and taught. With the procedure my confidence has been boosted in ways even greater than my weight loss yielded. I’m grateful to Dr. Becker. I would encourage anybody considering surgical options for body enhancement to meet with Dr. Becker, and it’s my privilege to mightily endorse his quality work.”  — Matthew Slone

“Dr Becker is amazing!! I shopped around before I met Dr. Becker and didn’t have the connection with anyone until I met him! He’s very professional and knows his stuff! He gave me exactly what I asked for! I couldn’t be anymore happy with my breast augmentation. Personally I feel he’s the best around and you won’t be disappointed! ” —Savanah Vowell

“Choosing Dr. Becker to perform my breast augmentation was the BEST decision I ever made for myself. I knew that when I was done having children I wanted to have the procedure. It would be my gift to myself. I have four children. Pregnancy and breastfeeding completely deflated my breasts and I was forced to wear padded bras to fill out clothes. My children really loved to breastfeed and my poor breasts took a hit. I consulted with many doctors before finding Dr. Becker. Believe me when I say, there is no other Plastic Surgeon around who comes close to Dr. Becker. He is extremely personable, approachable, smart, kind and trustworthy. My main concern while meeting with doctors was my ability post surgery to continue my active lifestyle. I love to run and lift weights (in addition to being a busy mommy.) Dr. Becker was the only one who assured me that I would have no limitations once I completely healed. He discussed with me placing the implants above the muscle. Nobody else gave me this option during my consult and in fact, told me I would not be able to do pushups again or any other chest exercises. I am almost 8 months post surgery today and I am doing everything I have ever done before, just with amazing breasts ☺. I feel confident, sexy and strong. Dr. Becker proved to me that I could still live my athletic lifestyle with breast implants. The shaped implants, placed above my muscle, gave me the natural, amazing results I was imagining in my head. In addition, Dr. Becker is a master communicator. He responds to every email I ever send. He called my husband and me right after surgery to check on my well being. At every visit, he was equally excited as me about my results. I genuinely adore Dr. Becker as a doctor and person.”

“My Top Ten Reasons for recommending Matthew Becker, MD

  • He is the “magician”
  • Passionate about reconstructive surgery
  • He is a perfectionist
  • Kind and compassionate
  • He speaks at the East Tennessee Cancer Center and does great community activities with Komen of Knoxville
  • Listened and respected that I wanted to try to return to my pre-cancer breast size
  • When I had a medical issue, he was responsive
  • My physical therapist said, “I have seen a lot of breast reconstruction and your boobs are beautiful!”
  • He is a man of integrity
  • He was there for me during the toughest year of my life and for that I will always be grateful”— Susan Ryan

To say I’ve found the perfect surgeon would be an understatement. Dr. Becker may wear some snazzy clothes when he’s seeing patients in the office but what fits him best are the scrubs and caps he wears in the OR. I’m humbled to say I would not trust anyone else to sculpt my body. 

The prospect of altering the body you’ve learned to live with for a good decade is exciting; especially a body that might be considered by others to be acceptable but has the potential to be so much more. After having three children, working out does more for my mind than my body. I can challenge my body in the gym seven days a week but at the end of the day it has seen the effects of time, genetics and three children. I think I got off easy with only some excess skin and small “deflated” breasts after three pregnancies. Having c-sections with two of those births, I also inherited some lovely scars and it is evident the OB-GYN was not focused on a cosmetic appearance during the repair. I had a “mini-mommy makeover”: my breasts were augmented, a mini tummy tuck, and lipo to my abdomen and flanks. This is a small gift I give to myself for being the mom and wife that runs all over the planet, doing eighteen things at once while balancing on a ball to make the world go around for my husband and children. There’s nothing wrong with taking a small piece of pie away from myself, so to speak 😉

So, like I said in the first sentence of my story, I am fortunate to have found the perfect doctor who took on this small feat! I’ve contemplated surgery for years. I’ve read numerous reviews and have to say Dr. Becker is everything I’ve read… It’s amazing to meet someone and feel like you can trust them with your life. To consider trusting the judgment and skill of a person is a decision that is as long-lasting as deciding someone with whom you will spend the rest of your life, because these are changes that will last my lifetime. I’m doing great these days. I haven’t felt this happy with my body since before my first child. I have the most beautiful breasts and a super flat tummy!! I’m amazed every day when I look in the mirror. “— JR

“I first saw Dr. Becker in May of 2012, about 3 weeks before I was scheduled for a bilateral mastectomy.  I was immediately put at ease by his calm demeanor. Dr. Becker explained in detail what he would be doing during this first surgery in order to begin reconstruction of both breasts.  Although my mind was reeling with the unbelieveability of the situation, Dr Becker gave me a sense that everything would be ok.

At every surgery and office visit since that first day, the quality of care I have received from Dr. Becker has been outstanding.  In this fast paced world, it’s great to have a doctor who slows down, listens and is genuinely concerned with what the patient is feeling.  I am just about through the reconstruction process and I am very happy with the outcome.  I would highly recommend Dr. Becker to any person who is in need of plastic or reconstructive surgery.  His skill, care and compassion are unsurpassed. “— Kimberly Whitman

“Dr. Becker is amazing.

He made me feel comfortable from the moment he introduced himself. I could not be happier with my breast augmentation. He knew exactly what was best for my body type. My surgery was on a Friday, and the next day he contacted my family member to make sure I was doing okay.

That is a big enough statement on how much Dr. Becker cares about his patients. I would recommend him to anyone! — Leslie S.

Please know you are my hero.

The care and compassion you and your team showed me during my journey of breast cancer, double mastectomy, and reconstruction gave me light in a dark time. That is a gift even greater than the beautiful reconstructive work you do. BTW….the new ‘girls’ rock!!!!! Thank you my friend! — Carla O.

Dr. Matthew Becker is great surgeon. I had breast cancer on one side and another surgeon started reconstruction. I got an infection and he removed the implant and started over. He has did a fantastic job fixing the mess up from radiation. I will continue to use him and recommend him to anyone that needs his skills.” — Shelley H.

“Dr. Becker did my reconstruction, too. Ask any of his patients and they will tell you how great he is. His care and careful follow-up are amazing. Love you, Dr. Becker!” — Tanya Copeland

“Diamonds are not a girls best friend, this man is! I love my Dr. Becker, you exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much! “—  Lisa B.



220 Associates Blvd
Alcoa, Tennessee 37701

(865) 238-6400

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