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Eyelid Lift

Bring Back Your Eyes’ Natural Sparkle and Youthful Glow

The area around the eyes is one of the first places you will begin to notice aging: crow’s feet, bagginess and puffiness of the upper and/or lower lids, sagging skin, and dark circles under the eyes are the telltale signs of aging and skin damage.  When present, they can make you look older and more tired than you feel.  A blepharoplasty—eyelid lift surgery—can restore a more alert and youthful look to your eyes and midface. By making subtle alterations such as removing excess skin, removing/repositioning fatty tissue from the upper and/or lower eyelids can transform your face; revealing a more youthful, refreshed appearance.  Blepharoplasty surgery can also improve visual disturbances associated with hooded or sagging upper lids.  

Let’s face it: your eyes play a large role in the balance of your facial features and your overall appearance, so it is important to keep them looking refreshed and rejuvenated!    

Dr. Stephen M. Becker, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon in Alcoa, Tennessee, partners with his patients to meet their individual cosmetic goals. Dr. Becker employs the most advanced, cutting-edge surgical techniques to ensure optimal results that enhance your natural beauty while avoiding a surprised, unnatural appearance that can make it look like you “had work done”.  Drooping lids, puffy bags, and deep lines around the eyes can leave you with a tired and aged appearance, but powerful, transformative blepharoplasty surgery can revitalize your eyes and leave you looking as vibrant as you feel on the inside!

Your Eyelid Lift Surgery Experience

Eyelid surgery can help you look years younger by addressing subtle changes around your eyes due to the impact of time and sun exposure. Specifically, eyelid surgery treats the following concerns:

  • Loose or excess skin of the upper or lower eyelids
  • Excess fat around the eyes that cause puffiness or heavy bags
  • Hooded upper eyelids that can impair vision
  • Drooping or sagging of the lids

Upper and/or lower blepharoplasty surgery (upper eyelid lift v. lower eyelid lift) can be performed as separate procedures, together, or in combination with other facial rejuvenation treatments or surgeries.  The incisions for eyelid surgery are made in the well-concealed natural folds of the eye and are generally imperceptible after healing is complete.  The eyelid procedure, as well as the advanced techniques employed by Dr. Becker, are designed to give you a much more rested and youthful look by restoring the natural contours of the eye and blending the results with your existing facial features for a naturally-beautiful, youthful face.   


Contact Dr. Stephen M. Becker

Dr. Stephen M. Becker and his team of professionals conduct a wide range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures with the highest degree of attention to individualized treatment plans and superior patient care. Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stephen M. Becker is a well trained and experienced surgeon with exemplary skills in the delicate art of aesthetic surgery. Whether you’re seeking to repair cosmetic damage from injury, turn back the clock on aging or just be the best version of “you”, a detailed consultation with Dr. Stephen M. Becker in our Alcoa, Tennessee office will guide you towards treatment options that will help you attain your desired aesthetic effects with the least amount of discomfort or downtime.


220 Associates Blvd
Alcoa, Tennessee 37701

(865) 238-6400

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