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Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting—For a Contoured, Youthful Appearance

While in most contexts, “fat” sounds like a bad word in the realm of health and beauty; a little healthy fat in the right place can plump out regions that typically shrivel with age.  Facial wrinkles, sallow cheeks can be given a youthful boost with the benefit of fat grafting treatments.  Fat grafting involves extracting fat from areas where it is plentiful—typically around the abdomen and inner thighs—and injecting it into those places that need it most. Areas of the face can be plumped out to smooth out wrinkles, restore volume to cheeks and lips. Basically, it is a permanent filler. Fat can even be used in other areas such as the hands, buttocks, and breast.

If your face, breasts, or buttocks feel shrunken, sagging, wrinkled, or lifeless, a consultation with Dr. Stephen M. Becker, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon in our comfortable Alcoa, Tennessee office will help you determine if fat grafting treatments are right for you. Dr. Becker is a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon and is dedicated to providing a high level of patient care with a focus on developing customized treatment plans. His highly-skilled fat grafting treatments have a wide range of benefits, including:

  • High level of graft survival, through utilization of advanced fat processing protocols
  • Completely natural dermal filler with no foreign substances
  • Minimal discomfort and no downtime
  • Long-term treatment with lasting effects

If the aging process has left you feeling self-conscious about facial wrinkles, flattened buttocks, or drooping breasts, fat grafting treatments are an excellent option. They have the advantage of using the body’s own fat cells as a dermal filler, so the fat is permanent. Best of all, excess fat will be extracted from areas where it is plentiful, adding to the over-all body contouring effect!

Use Your Body’s Own Fat Cells To Create Luscious Curves and Lasting Rejuvenation

Fat grafting treatments use the body’s own naturally-occurring fat as a dermal filler, which has two primary benefits:

  • Use of the body’s own cells ensures physiological acceptance and longevity
  • Fat is removed from places where it is plentiful, reducing areas such as “love handles” or “saddle bags”

The fat is initially removed from problem areas—typically around the waist and thighs—using modified liposuction. A small tube is inserted into the donor area through a small incision, and the fat is gently siphoned out. The fat is then processed, preparing it for re-injection.

Once the fat has been prepared, it will be injected under your skin in the target areas using specialized canulas. Facial fat grafting can plump out the lips, remove lines and wrinkles around the eyes and add volume to the mid-face region. Treating these areas are extremely common and potent—and have the added benefit of lasting for a long time. Buttock augmentations, such as the “Brazilian Butt Lift”, are a powerful way to use fat grafting to add lift and perk to sagging or flattened buttocks. Although fat grafting cannot take the place of breast implants, it is often used to contour breasts that have visible surface irregularities from a past augmentation, to add volume during a breast lift or regain volume from a lumpectomy.

Contact Dr. Stephen M. Becker

Dr. Stephen M. Becker and his team of professionals conduct a wide range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures with the highest degree of attention to individualized treatment plans and superior patient care. Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stephen M. Becker is a well trained and experienced surgeon with exemplary skills in the delicate art of aesthetic surgery. Whether you’re seeking to repair cosmetic damage from injury, turn back the clock on aging or just be the best version of “you”, a detailed consultation with Dr. Stephen M. Becker in our Alcoa, Tennessee office will guide you towards treatment options that will help you attain your desired aesthetic effects with the least amount of discomfort or downtime.


220 Associates Blvd
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(865) 238-6400

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